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[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] Reminder: CLDC 8 / JSR 360 EG call

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  • Subject: [jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] Reminder: CLDC 8 / JSR 360 EG call
  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:37:40 +0100
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Dear JSR 360 / CLDC 8 experts,

please be invited for tomorrow's JSR 360 EG call. 

As agreed the call takes place from 2pm-4pm CEST, please check for your local time.

We have published the SpecLead drafts early last week and would like to use tomorrow's call
to start with a top level walk through the specification, to collect initial feedback and to answer high level questions. 
Let's focus tomorrow's call on CLDC only and look at GCF in the next call.

We propose the following agenda for the call:

Draft Agenda
• Initial EG feedback, comments, questions
• SpecLead draft - top level walkthrough
•  -  Goals, Requirements
  •  - High level architecture
  •  - CLDC Library APIs
  •  - Adherence to the JLS
  • - Adherence to the JVM spec

We use the bridge as communicated on the EG private page on

Best regards,

Michael Lagally & Roger Riggs
CLDC 8 SpecLeads

[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] Reminder: CLDC 8 / JSR 360 EG call

Michael Lagally 02/26/2013
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