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[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - Wed March 20th

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  • Subject: [jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - Wed March 20th
  • Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 15:05:14 -0400
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Dear JSR 360 experts,

The Next JSR 360 EG call will be April 10th, 12pm GMT/UTC.

My notes from the JSR 360 call on March 20th.

Call Participants:

Thomas Lampart, Cinterion
Hernan Perrone, TOTVS
Werner Keil
Michael Lagally, Oracle
Roger Riggs, Oracle

Agenda Notes:
  • Continuation of the discussion about modem control in the CommConnection
    • Continued the discussion on CommConnection;  it seems reasonable to add
      APIs similar to those used by Cinterion; 
      a Jira issue is created to track progress and includes attachments of the
      Cinterion API. 
    • Also suggested by Cinterion in email to be able to define AccessPoints
      or AccessPoint parameters so the application itself can provide all
      the information needed.  The information needed varies depending
      on the type of AccessPoint (gsm, 3G, WiFi, etc).  Cinterion offered
      to provide an excerpt of their current documentation to describe
      their current practice.  A Jira issue is create to track the progress and discussion.
  • Continued feedback, comments, questions on the draft
    • No new issues were raised.
  • Is the draft good enough for EDR?  
    • To get broader input on the draft Oracle proposes to proceed with
      EDR based on the current spec lead draft. 
      While the external review proceeds, the EG can continue to review
      and identify additional issues and updates to the draft.
    • There were no objections from those present to proceed with EDR.
    • There are some minor editorial and legal updates to be done and
      there some latency through the PMO but we will start the process
      this week.
  • Werner asked if there was any additional information that could be
    included in his upcoming talks. With the JCP transparency in place,
    there is nothing new at this point.  The EDR start date will be known
    when the minor updates are done and the PMO process for posting
    the draft are complete; that date will be visible on
EG members are encouraged to continue reviewing the Specification draft and
to raise comments and questions to the SpecLeads and discuss within the EG.

Also note a new issue in the Jira to clarify the level of retention of
Annotations in class files.

Next Call:

The Next EG call will be April 10th, 12pm GMT/UTC, due to vacations. 
We'll send a reminder before the meeting.
Please observe the DST changes in some regions of the world at the end of March.
Best regards,

Roger and Michael

[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - Wed March 20th

roger riggs 03/25/2013
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