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[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - Wed 6.3.

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  • Subject: [jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - Wed 6.3.
  • Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 16:33:29 +0100
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Dear JSR 360 experts,

here are my realtime notes of today's EG call. Please point out any significant omissions or errors.

Call Participants:
Roger Riggs, Oracle
Hernan Perrone, TOTVS
David Campelo, TOTVS
Werner Keil
Yagami Huang, Aplix
Michael Lagally, Oracle

New EG member:
David Campelo from TOTVS recently joined the JSR 360 expert group. The SpecLeads and Experts welcome him to JSR 360.

EG feedback / questions:
• Thomas' (Cinterion) comments were initially discussed and will be revisited in the next call, when Thomas is present:
- Access point APIs - Configuration APIs for access points
- From a CLDC perspective, configuration of access points has been considered either as part of the native platform or
to be addressed in a higher level profile. 
- It was perceived to go beyond the scope of CLDC to define a common abstraction / generic API, that would enable
the configuration of bluetooth, WIFI, mobile networks 

- Comm Connection - API support for RS 232 handshake lines
- Use cases would be very useful to better understand how an application needs to control the serial lines  

• Werner's comments:
- @since tags
- An overview HTML page will identify all classes, that are new in CLDC 8. There can be multiple since tags in a Java file
and  the CLDC 8 tags will be added to the spec 

SpecLead draft - top level walkthrough on GCF
•  The SpecLeads walked through the Goals and Requirements for GCF, which provides a consolidated specification
by combining parts that have been previously handled in different specifications.
  •  GCF enhancements include a flexible mechanism to provide protocol specific additional parameters (ConnectionOption),
       IPv6 support, UDPMulticastDatagrams and a unified security model

EG members are encouraged to continue reviewing the Specification draft and to raise comments and questions to the SpecLeads,
preferably over mail to allow for preparation to discuss them in the next call.

Early Draft Review (EDR):
As communicated in the JSR timeline at the kick-off call, an early draft release of the JSR is planned for March.
The objective of the EDR is to gain early feedback on the specification draft from a wider audience to leave enough time
for further EG work.
The EG is asked to review the SpecLead Draft within the next two weeks to identify any issues and potential blocking points for an EDR.

Next Call:
The EG call next week is cancelled due to unavailability of both SpecLeads. 
The next EG call will take place on March 20th at 12am GMT/UTC. 
Please observe the DST changes in some regions of the world.
Scope will be to answer EG questions on CLDC / GCF and to identify any blocking points for the EDR. 

Best regards,


[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - Wed 6.3.

Michael Lagally 03/06/2013
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