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[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] Updates since PFD

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  • Subject: [jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] Updates since PFD
  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 17:40:11 -0400
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  • Organization: Oracle Corporation


As mentioned earlier in the week there is a lot of activity in the RI and TCK
to get to closure and it has highlighted a number of points that need clarification
in the CLDC/GCF specification.  Most have come in as issues in the tracker
and more detail may be found there.

For the members of the expert group a list of the items and diffs is available at:

Regards, Roger

[jsr360-observers] [jsr360-experts] Updates since PFD

roger riggs 03/21/2014
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