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[jsr361-experts] Re: [jsr361-observers] Re: Kick off - finally!

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  • Subject: [jsr361-experts] Re: [jsr361-observers] Re: Kick off - finally!
  • Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 18:00:43 +0200

Would work for me, as long as it's not after 6pm, though should that time window everybody agrees on overlap with that, I'd be happy to skip the other call this week due to JavaOne Russia the following week.


On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 5:55 PM, Volker Bauche < " target="_blank"> > wrote:
Dear all,

as Thomas has been the first to answer and already raised a strong limitation as he is only available on Thursday,
I would like to translate his answer into a general request and ask if Thursday would work for everybody?

So pls. let us know if Thursday  (April 18) works for you and and which time window works for you (pls. don't choose it too tight as we live in different time zones).

As for the hurdles that needed to be overcome, Thomas has provided part of the answer to his question by himself:
besides some legal questions that had to be clarified (you may be aware that a useful MEEP would have to use elements of
older profiles like MIDP * and IMP*), a lot of technical requirements and boundary conditions had to be considered (more
than for CLDC-8, that's why this EG started earlier as we, as you undoubtedly know as many of you work in both)

You know that the JSR has been filed during JavaOne last autumn which is always a good chance to do things like that
but it may have been a bit early given the (then) still unmature requirements.
Anyway, now the ideas about what's needed are much clearer, and I hope you'll like the draft.
I just wanted to see your heart wishes in order to make sure they are considered. :-)

I'm looking forward to your (hopefully) acceptances for Thursday and your time proposals.

Best regards -

Am 15.04.2013 17:33, schrieb Lampart Thomas:

Dear specleads and experts,

Good to hear that we can get started now :) Will we get some details about the hurdles that needed to be overcome ?

Unfortunately my schedule is a bit tight at the moment, so the only day that would work for me this week is Thursday.
Of course I prefer some central Europe (work-) day time.

A (certainly totally incomplete) list of expectations for me would be:
1.) evolve Java ME into a future proof, up-to-date platform for M2M applications. This might in some cases mean to include some proprietary APIs already used in Java ME, in some cases that might mean to include some APIs or functionality which are today only in Java SE, in some cases that might also mean that we need to go beyond SE because typical M2M (mostly embedded) devices do have some needs which are even not covered by SE.

2.) close the gap to Java SE. This is a very complex issue as it probably also affects SE.
But this gap is often a big hassle for users who work with SE and ME and it's also often hard to explain why these two java platforms are so different.

3.) a list of expected technical improvements would certainly be long. I assume Oracle is well aware of most of them and we will start this discussion as soon as we see the draft.

Looking forward to getting this JSR started and also seeing the first spec draft.

Kind regards

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Subject: [jsr361-experts] Kick off - finally!

Dear experts,

it has been a long time since the JSR has been officially started and you have absolved the formalities to join this expert group. Thanks again for that!
You have probably wondered when we will start. The good news: the time is now! There had been a couple of hurdles to be overcome, adminsitrative ones, legal ones, and technical ones during the last months, but now we are ready to go.

I plan to have a (telephone) kickoff meeting with you next week, and this email is about to clarify two issues:

1. When: With one exception (and this is a colleague of mine at Oracle) all EG members are located in Europe or Asia, so I guess you would prefer a time not too late (from CET point of view). Pls. let us know (via this distribution) your preferences for next week, and also blocked times, when you could not attend under any circumstances. I'll try to find a slot then that fits best for all. We are not so many, so this seems to be realistic.

2. What: Of course there is speclead draft under construction, and I intend to present it to you very soon. But first I would like you to list your expectations wrt this JSR. So pls. include into your email a list f 2-3 points you would like to have solved/introduced/improved by this profile. (The list can of course also be longer, if you have more issues to discuss).

I'll consolidate your input and we can use it as a first basis for our discussion in the kick-off meeting. Also, I would like to check the speclead draft for things that may not have been taken into account so far.

I'm looking forward to your input and to our collaboration in this expert group!

Best regards, have a nice weekend -

[jsr361-experts] Kick off - finally!

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