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[jsr361-experts] Re: [jsr361-observers] Event API (was: Re: New Spec draft uploaded)

  • From: Werner Keil < >
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  • Subject: [jsr361-experts] Re: [jsr361-observers] Event API (was: Re: New Spec draft uploaded)
  • Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 14:55:08 +0200


Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes, let's talk about it on Tuesday, at least Thomas (both in EG and EC, too) is there, too, and I know he has some relation to the subject, as well.


On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 1:18 PM, Volker Bauche < " target="_blank"> > wrote:
Hi Werner, all,

thanks for the heads up.
For now just as much as that I'm in close contact of course with colleagues
dealing with device access, and I will take care that we won't have any overlap
with a potential JSR ybout this subject in our final version.

For now, we will concentrate on the question what is useful from the embedded
pov, and if this isn't available anywhere else, we will have it in our profile,
otherwise not.

We can discuss this again in our meeting on Thursday
(and - you and me, Werner, on Tuesday in Zurich).

Best regards -

Am 07.05.2013 14:58, schrieb Werner Keil:
Dear Volker/all,

I briefly mentioned some questions around the new "javax.microedition.event" package in the last call, but a few tweets in reply to a conversation with Terrence (he's probably subscribed to the alias, but I CC him just in case) made it more obvious there could be an overlap between that event package and what seems in the pipeline towards more general Device Access API/JSR.

Some, e.g. Cinterion already seem to make use of these APIs in the current version. 

The design in the "event" package, especially the "EventData" class does feel quite like a simplified but semantically similar equivalent to "Data" in the old JSR 256

EventData contains several mostly low level device and peripheral events like "AUDIO", "POWER" (with its entire subsystem) or "BATTERY", all of which events other APIs like JSR 265 or the largely inspired Android Sensor API ( tried to cover in sometimes varying names or shapes.

Has the intention to create a Device Access API covering both ME and SE (Embedded) been dismissed, and the "event" package covers the base functionality of such device access, hence shall EventData and EventListener replace PeripheralEvent and PeripheralEventListener in ""?

I believe I'm not the only one keen to learn about that. And hoping, there won't be too much fragmentation between ME Embedded with an device/peripheral event model along the lines of "javax.microedition.event" on one hand and "", "javax.deviceaccess" or "" (based on Terrence' assumtion, that some of it could be part of OpenJDK) on the other hand???

Sorry to raise that while at least Volker must still be on vacation. I wanted to leave a little time to digest it and think about before we meet exactly one week from now in Zurich at the JCP EC F2F Meeting.

Kind Regards,

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 2:41 AM, < " target="_blank"> > wrote:
Dear all,

I have uploaded a slightly changed spec draft to the expert
group page.
In case you haven't started review yet, pls. make a fresh download.
Differences to the first version uploaded on Friday are mainly in the
security_*.html chapters.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Best regards-

[jsr361-experts] Re: New Spec draft uploaded

Werner Keil 05/07/2013

[jsr361-experts] Event API (was: Re: New Spec draft uploaded)

Volker Bauche 05/12/2013

[jsr361-experts] Re: [jsr361-observers] Event API (was: Re: New Spec draft uploaded)

Werner Keil 05/12/2013
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