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[jsr361-experts] Re: JavaDoc questions

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  • Subject: [jsr361-experts] Re: JavaDoc questions
  • Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 18:40:47 +0100
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Hi Werner,

thanks for careful reading :-)

The line you refer to is in the history table and refers to a draft version from November, where I have updated the the spec with the outcome of of PR. I may remove the word "Speclead" and just call it "MEEP 8 Draft". And of course you are right, after it, the last line is missing mentioning the Proposed Final Draft itself, in which you have found this line. (The PFD is not identical with the draft version of Nov. 22)

As for the XXX, yes, of course, I just forgot to update this. Will fix for the FAB of course.

Best regards -

On 19.03.2014 17:38, Werner Keil wrote:

I looked something up in the JavaDoc for MEEP and came across 2 questions about the Description page:



MEEP 8 Speclead Draft


Incorporates results of PR into PR version

Is *Speclead Draft* correct in that phase, or simply copied from the first line?

A little further under "Contributors" it says

>This specification was produced by the JSR XXX Expert Group, as a part of the Java Community Process. >The following companies and individuals, listed in alphabetical order, are members of the Expert Group :

Why *XXX*, I assume it was the initial draft before it got a number, and should say 361 now, right?

Thanks and Regards,

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[jsr361-experts] JavaDoc questions

Werner Keil 03/19/2014

[jsr361-experts] Re: JavaDoc questions

volker bauche 03/19/2014
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