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Last updated August 21, 2013 04:39, by JUG.Vadodara
= Java User Group - Vadodara Wiki = = Introduction = JUG Vadodara: Established on May 23, 2013, A Java Community (Java User Group) located in Vadodara the cultural capital city of Gujarat, India. The group focuses and promotes Java and related technology in and around Vadodara. It’s a group of professionals, students who use Java in day to day life as a profession, hobby or as a job and like to learn and spread the technology. = Who can join? = Anyone in or around Vadodara can join our community. There is no limitations in Role or skill set. If you have interest in Java related technology then you can join the community. You can join initially as an Observer, and then you can request to change your role. = Getting Started = once you join, you can.. 1. Participate in meet-ups – Conducted every fortnight. 2. Join the Group's mailing list and start discussions, share ideas, solve doubts etc. 3. Start open source projects and get support from community. 4. And many more... = Meeting Location = Meet-ups - Mostly on alternate Saturdays (information will be posted in the group).
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