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Last updated July 05, 2011 14:36, by smoeker

JUG Augsburg Projects

Here's a short list of what we are planning/doing with our Virtual Server :

  • Subversion

Our VServer is hosting a Subversion installation for JUG Members to share their projects

  • Magnolia HomePage

We are currently migrating our HomePage to a Java based CMS ([]). Feel free to contact us in case you want to take part in that project

  • JugRobots

We are sharing our Robots for Robocode in a subversion project. Every day we do an ant based build and automatic fight ;-)

  • OpenMeetings

Our VServer also hosts a full-blown java based openSource Videoconferencing Tool : OpenMeetings. We plan to offer Webcasts or webbased meetings on that installation - feel free to contact us in case you want to test/customize/play with us

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