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The Java User Group Cologne
The Java User Group Cologne, the Java community in Cologne, Germany!

JUGC provides conference talks and workshops with leading professionals for free. The regulars' table is every last Friday of every month. Besides events, communication channels are available.

Registration and further details for current events here:

Mailing list can be found here:

Hall of Fame: Neal Ford, Ed Burns, Dr. Neil Gafter, Dalibor Topic, Stefan Tilkov, Nils Wloka, Stefan Glase, Stefan Scheidt, Marc Guillemot, Mike Wiesner, Ingo Maier, Patrick Chanezon, Andreas Ebbert-Karroum, Matthias Wessendorf, Arno Puder, Andrea Provaglio, Vaclav Pech, Jonas Bonér, Roman Strobl, Carol McDonald, Joey Shen, Simon Ritter, Mike Keith, Owen Taylor, Maxim Shafirov, Mike Aizatsky, Wayne Beaton, Frank Nimphuis, Eberhard Wolff, Adam Bien, Angelika Langer, Kirk Pepperdine, Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Corneliu Vasile Creanga, René Gielen, Rainer Hermanns, Hans Dockter, Toomas Romer, Bernd Bohmann, Marcel Soulier, Falko Riemenschneider, Carsten Mjartan, Fabian Lange, Andreas Schreiber, Dr. Simon Wiest, Igor Drobiazko, Jason van Zyl, Sven Meier, Pavlo Baron, Frank Pientka, Hamlet D'Arcy, Heiko Rupp, Margrit Höhme, Oliver Gierke, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen, Martin Fowler, Robert Rees, Antonio Goncalves, Axel Fontaine, Doreen Seider, Andrew Bayer, and others


 2006.07.04 Productive Coder, with Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz 
 2006.09.06 IntelliJ IDEA, with Mike Aizatsky
 2006.12.06 Performance, with Kirk Pepperdine
 2007.02.28 Performance, with Angelika Langer
 2007.04.02 JEE 5, with Adam Bien 
 2007.06.18 Spring, with Eberhard Wolff
 2007.07.03 IDE Shootout, with Maxim Shafirov, Mike Aizatsky, Roman Strobl,  Wayne Beaton, Frank Nimphius
 2007.08.03 Ajax, Caching, SOA with Professor Arno Puder, Max Antoni, Owen Taylor
 2007.08.21 EJB 3, JPA, with Mike Keith
 2007.10.16 JavaFX, with Simon Ritter
 2007.11.30 Java Evangelists, with Carol McDonald, Joey Shen
 2008.02.11 Groovy & NB 6, with Johannes Link, Roman Strobl
 2008.03.10 Dr. Neil Gafter
 2008.04.14 Spring, with Stefan Scheidt
 2008.05.26 Terracotta, with Jonas Bonér
 2008.05.30 IntelliJ, TeamCity, with Vaclav Pech
 2008.06.23 AOP in Web Apps, with Andrea Provaglio 
 2008.07.07 iphone crosscompilation, with Prof. Arno Puder 
 2008.07.25 Advanced JSF, with Matthias Wessendorf
 2008.08.11 GWT, Scrum bei JSR 264
 2008.08.25 WebTest
 2008.09.01 Spring Security, Scala
 2008.10.13 Spring AOP und Spring Source Advanced Pack for Oracle, with Patrick Chanezon, Andreas Ebbert-Karroum
 2008.11.03 OpenJDK und JSR 311 (REST), with Dalibor Topic, Stefan Tilkov
 2009.02.09 AOP und Flex, Air, Java, with Sebastian Jancke, Corneliu Vasile Creanga
 2009.04.20 Struts2, Gradle, Rock Star Programmer, JSF 2, Hans Dockter, Neal Ford, René Gielen, Rainer Hermanns, Ed Burns
 2009.05.29 JavaRebel , JSF 2.0 vs Struts 2.1, Toomas Romer, Matthias Wessendorf, Bernd Bohmann, René Gielen, Rainer Hermanns
 2009.07.06 JavaFX, LOP, JBoss Portal, with Marcel Soulier, Falko Riemenschneider, Carsten Mjartan
 2009.10.05 Eclipse RAP, Python-Java, Hudson, Fabian Lange, Andreas Schreiber, Dr. Simon Wiest
 2009.11.16 Maven 3, Jason van Zyl
 2009.12.07 XMLVM, Tapestry, Dr. Arno Puder, Igor Drobiazko
 2010.03.08 Bad Bank, Groovy, Wicket, Geronimo-EE, Pavlo Baron, Hamlet D'Arcy, Sven Meier, Frank Pientka
 2010.07.12 RHQ, Heiko Rupp
 2010.09.06 AspectJ, Margrit Höhme
 2010.11.08 Agile in a Year und Hades, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen, Oliver Gierke
 2011.02.01 NoSQL, DSL/Agile Manifesto, with Robert Rees, Martin Fowler
 2011.05.09 JEE 6 and CDI, with A. Goncalves, Continuous Delivery für Java Anwendungen, mit Axel Fontaine
 2011.06.22 "OSGi-basierte Applikation für Smartphones und Desktop-Systeme; Erfahrungsbericht", mit Doreen Seider
 2011.06.25 Jenkins in town: meet and drink, with Andrew Bayer; (JUG Münster also in town) (start: 2pm)
 2011.07.29 Java 7 Launch Party


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