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Last updated February 18, 2015 23:32, by emoranchel

Guadalajara Java User Group

Java User Group Located in Mexico - Guadalajara City

Adopt a JSR

JSR 367 and 370 JSON-B + JAX-RS


Get ready for the Java Dev Day MX: August 29th 2015.

  • An entire day dedicated to learn about new development tendencies (with a lot of java)
  • Technology experts will share their knowledge with all the audience.
  • Learn about:
    • Internet of things
    • Web/Front-End/UX
    • Cloud
    • Java SE
    • QA
    • Mobile
    • Security
    • Architecture and Methodologies
    • Java EE
    • Tools and IDEs
    • JVM Languages

Thanks, now on to the meetings:


Next Meeting

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March 11th 2015

Past Meetings

JQuery from begginers to advanced

February11th 2015

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