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Adopt a JSR Program

This program is intended to encourage JUG members to get involved in a Java Specification Request (JSR) and to evangelise that JSR to their JUG and the wider Java community in order to increase grass roots participation. JSRs cover all aspects of the Java ecosystem such as the new Date and Time API coming into Java 8, the latest JEE7 APIs for the cloud and much more!

How to get Started

Any time you need help please mail the TBA list

  1. Join the JCP as an individual member. This is actually optional, but still recommended until the openness and transparency rules that make up JSR-348 have been applied to all other JSRs.
    1. Optional - Associate yourself with your JUG (assuming your JUG has registered itself).
  2. Explore the JCP website to get a feel for the process of how JSRs work.
  3. Have a read of The new JCP Process for JSRs.
  4. Form a local group within your JUG for each JSR that you are interested in.
  5. Have the members of Join the mailing list of the JSR you are interested in and say something like:

Hello, I am x from the 'y Java User Group as part of their Adopt a JSR program ( I'll start by having a look around and reading the mailing list etc and then see if I can help more directly!

Who's Adopting JSRs?

  • The London Java Community - Adopt a JSR Program - most notably leading the TCK for JSR-310 - Date and Time, ensuring that the API will be ready for Java 8
  • The Houston JUG - TBA - most notably working with JSR-347 in order to standardise the data grid space

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