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Last updated January 27, 2013 11:19, by Martijn Verburg
Java Users Group (JUG) Wiki __TOC__ Welcome to the wiki for the global Java User Groups! Here you will find a host of community resources that help you start, manage and grow your user group as well as get involved in global efforts and taking advantages of deals offered to JUGs. == Resources == * [[How to start a JUG]] * [| Java User Groups (JUG) Incubator Wiki] * [[How to create a project site on java dot net platform]] * <s>The old [ Wiki]</s> == Map == * [[How to add a JUG to the JUG leaders map]] == Events == * [ JUG Events] * <s>[ JUGEvents Wiki]</s> * [[Calendering]] == Java Community Process (JCP) == * [ JCP Terminology] * [[JUG Members]] - JUGs who have joined the JCP and the work they are performing within it * [ Adopt a JSR] - The JUG effort to work with the JCP on Java standards == Other Programs == * [ Adopt OpenJDK] - The JUG effort to work on the OpenJDK * [ Vendor offerings for JUG members] == Additional Information == * [ '''Footprint Project''': JUG Event Certificates] A special thanks to Felipe who is no longer with us. Your project and blog lives on. * [ Project Footprint Site] == Open issues == After infrastructure changes on (done or supervised by Oracle), very visible top web sites still consist of hyperlinks that reference old content, or are just broken. Many complains about this come in continuously from the community. I refer to "old" target links as links that go to pages that show the following red warning text above now (put on the site as part of the infrastructure migration): "As the new infrastructure contains project-level wikis, this main wiki will be shut down in the near future. For wiki page export and general wiki questions please contact the site admin at" * <s> > Java User Groups > "JUG wiki" stale [] TODO: change link to [] </s> * > Java User Groups > "JUG FAQ" stale [] * <s> > Java User Groups > "Start/improve your JUG" stale []</s> * <s> > Java User Groups > "Join JUGS Community", the link goes to the JUG project page, but does not offer help for joining the JUGs community (what the link text suggests) []</s> * Implementation of auto rotation of "JUG Member Spotlight" General: all "old" links contain also old, broken and stale links themselves. == FAQ == * [[FAQ]]
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