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Java User Group - Vijayawada Wiki


JUG Vijayawada: Established on Dec, 2013, A Java Community (Java User Group) located in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh, India. The group focuses on development of corporate and Academic relations especially using Java and related technology in and around Vijayawada. It’s a group of professionals, businessmen, students who use Java in day to day life as a profession, hobby or as a job like to learn and spread the technology.

Who can join?

Anyone in or around Vijayawada can join our community. There is no limitations in Role or skill set. If you have interest in Java related technology then you are already joined the community. To start with please join our Google Group Mailing list.

Getting Started

once you join, you can..

   1. Participate in meet-ups – Conducted every month.
   2. Join the Google Group mailing list and start discussions, share ideas, solve doubts etc.
   3. Post your articles in our community blog.
   4. Share your sample codes with others.
   5. Start open source projects and get support from community.
   6. Support in Workshop.   
   7. Priority Tickets to Events
   8. A super cool Identiry Card from JUG Vijayawada*
   9. And many more...

Meeting Location

Monthly Meet-ups

Facebook Page(for Updates):

JUGC Project Site:

Google Profile:

Google Group(Only for disscussions):

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