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Last updated September 19, 2011 19:42, by javydreamercsw

After an upgrade I don't see my stuff

Right now the way the player info is stored locally is really sensitive to changes in code. To work around this delete the contents of the jWrestling home's player folder (i.e. C:\Users\Javier\.jWrestling\Players). Login into your account and select DeckManager. This will give you back your pages. Then select import all decks to import all your exported decks.

This only works for the time being as later your collection will be stored on the server.

Where can I Play this game?

Sadly nowhere right now. I have no server yet. The guys at WAP2P won't take a look at it until I'm on Beta. For the time being you can install you own server following this wiki

Or if you want to offer to be our official host contact us at the appropriate mailing list

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