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Last updated September 19, 2011 18:47, by javydreamercsw
=<u>'''Welcome to jWrestling!'''</u>= In this wiki you'll become familiar with this great game, news, updates, upcoming features, etc. Right now the game is in development stage but this wiki will grow as the game does. So stay tuned! While I figure out how to modify the navigation section use this as index *[[CoC | Code of Conduct]] *[[Installation_Guide | Installation Guide]] *[[Client_Guide | Start The Client]] *[[Client_Manual | User's Manual]] *[[Start_Match | Start a match]] *[[Developers | Developer's Learning Trail]] *[[FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions FAQ]] *[[Referee | Referees are alive!]] *[[Pages | Current Page list]] == Road map == This is a community game so your idea counts. Submit yours or vote for the available ones so its implemented! If you have an idea feel free to submit it for evaluation [ here] using the "Submit your idea" link at the right. Here's the current Road Map: {| border="1" ! Item ! Related Links ! State ! Target Release |- |Create lots of pages||[[Page_Design | Page Design]]||In Progress||Beta |- |- |Make submissions work||N/A||Pending||Beta |- |- |Implement RP System||[[RP_System | Role Play System]]||Planning||Beta |- |- |Update client to use Netbeans RCP platform||[[RCP_Client | RCP Client]]||Planning||TBD |- |- |Add animations||[[Charas | Graphics for NPC's and Players]]||Planning||TBD |- |}
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