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Last updated September 19, 2011 19:47, by javydreamercsw

Page Rarity

I think that the page rarity was not properly applied. Very rare pages where too common in my opinion. If pack/box is implemented this will be addressed.

No Cheese!

In live WA! I hated cheese decks. Decks that didn't gave you a chance of playing, like speed and uncounterable 3-5 move strings. They made the game not enjoyable and I think is part of the reason why the game died.


  • No 100% effect pages: I don't plan on having pages that always caused an effect. Like if this move connects you are stunned. Instead pages will give a certain amount of stun points. When it reaches certain level then you are stunned. I want to stay away from cheese as much as possible.
  • Stamina: As part of the no cheese scheme, I'm implementing stamina as part of the mix. This is to reduce speed decks. Each SS will have certain stamina characteristics varying through the match (turn number based) and each move needs certain amount of stamina to be performed. If you try to speed and/or play lots of strength moves in a row you'll drain your stamina. No stamina = lose control.

New Keywords

  • Lift: The idea is to add it to moves that you require to lift your opponent. The purpose is to limit the moves that a little guy can perform on a big guy. Also this allows for other combos/specials/effects to enter the mix based on the key word.
  • Height: The idea is that there are some moves that requires certain height to be performed (the comparison of your height and your opponent's). For example a 5 feet wrestler would be unable to mafia kick a 7 feet tall opponent. I don't see many pages entering this key word so its implementation is questionable right now.

Page Exceptions

Here are some thoughts on the existing pages that might not make it to jWrestling and/or will be modified:

  • No Amazing Entrance: I used this page a lot but it took away the challenge of making great decks. It was just a bucket to get any pages you wanted in a deck. It made SS's useless. I'll stay away from it. So don't expect to see it!
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