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Last updated September 19, 2011 19:44, by javydreamercsw


Love'em or hate'em they are part of each match. They used to be special pages in old WA!/P2P but in jWrestling they are alive! This is one of the many tweaks jWrestling will have compared to older games. Referees are NPC's in jWrestling. That means that each one has its own characteristics that might affect how the call the match! This will help making each match unique!

Here are some (still work in progress):

  • DQ: How likely is to call a DQ. 1 means rarely calls a DQ, 10 it might add some extra DQ point to an illegal move so watch out! This will affect up to +/- 25% warnings given by the ref.
  • Partiality: Calls it down the middle or... 1: Heel 10: Face. This will affect up to +/- 6% bonus pin. So think about it twice when going Heel or Face!

The above is already implemented since version 0.03.

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