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Last updated September 19, 2011 19:33, by javydreamercsw

So you are ready...

So there you are, with your account, your decks and a huge championship thirst! You are ready for your first match!

Again, make sure you are aware of the Code of Conduct to which you agree by using jWrestling software.

Find an opponent

The first step if finding an opponent. A good place to start is the main Lobby.

Click in one of the names on the right and press the challenge button. If you click a name and the button doesn't get enabled it means that either you are still initializing (only after starting the client) or you have no decks configured.

Your opponent will get one dialog like this one:

If he/she rejects you'll be notified about that. Click Ok to acknowledge the rejection and keep looking for an opponent.

If he/she accepts press Ok to acknowledge the accept and proceed to select your deck.

Select a Deck

I know, still needs some work. In the future it should show you the contents of the deck. For now, know well your decks and select from the drop down. Press Enter to proceed.

Select Game Rules

You soon will be able to pick the match stipulations like match type, length, etc. Right now the defaults are:

  • 50 Page minimum deck
  • Max 5 copies per page (not including momentum)
  • DQ is enabled
  • Single Match

If you stay to long in this screen the client will get disconnected since its in a transition state.

When both players select their decks the match is ready to start.

Match Screen

Well this is a lot like WA! used to be. So here's a summary for newbies.

  • Top left corner: Is the page viewer. This shows the page information like text, keywords and page cost if it applies.
  • Top: The current turn
  • Right: Match screen, where all the action happens. This will be more interactive as the project grows. Even looking at Endorphin to add some action.
  • Bottom: This is your control center. You have the pages in your hand, your status and the message box. (Right now in match chatting is not working, sorry)

Play Button

Will be enabled when the page selected is playable under the current match situation.


Allows you to pass control to the other player. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Let a move connect.
  • Let a pin attempt continue.
  • Stay within a hold.
  • Simply pass control since you can't or don't want to play a page.
  • You are done with your turn.

Auto counter

This allows you to counter a move by sacrificing some pages. Unless noted otherwise in the Super star being used or Special in the game the default is 7 pages. (Right now is not working either)


Attempt a pin. See the pin logic for more detail.

Please Confirm