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Last updated January 05, 2015 22:42, by kevinw

kjdb (Debugger) Wiki

A cross-platform core file debugger open Solaris, Linux and MacOS cores and Windows MiniDumps... on any platform (where you have Java).

A .pdf manual-in-progress is available in the Downloads section:

What is this? What does it do?

  • A core file debugger in pure Java that lets us open a core file from any platform, on any platform ('from' means cores may be from Solaris, Linux, MacOS or be a Windows MiniDump. 'on' means you can run the debugger on any platform where you have a JRE).
  • Hooks into the HotSpot Serviceability Agent bypassing the need to match the JVM, so you can get Java information (stacktraces) from a HotSpot JVM core file.
  • Quickly verify if a core is good, and start investigating, without moving it to a machine of matching architecture.
  • Get native stacktraces, examine threads, registers, inspect addresses, search for data, ...
  • Load your copy of the app's libraries (libjvm, etc..), to get symbolic stacktraces, and lookup symbols in the core.
  • Windows MiniDump support, and symbols on Windows with a .MAP file. So you can do: "kjdb dump.mdmp jvm.dll" and then "forall threads bt" to get native stacktraces.
  • DWARF and STABS: somewhat partial implementations but get stacktraces with filenames and line numbers. Now reading DWARF types.
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