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Source code revision


summary: Initial checkin from the contents of libmicro-0.3.0.tar.
revision: 0
author: dp@...
date: 2007-04-07 00:20:23 UTC (9 years)
message: Initial checkin from the contents of libmicro-0.3.0.tar.
Change Path Actions
A Makefile
A Makefile.Aix
A Makefile.Linux
A Makefile.SunOS
A Makefile.benchmarks
A atomic.c
A bench
A benchmark_fini.c
A benchmark_finibatch.c
A benchmark_finirun.c
A benchmark_finiworker.c
A benchmark_init.c
A benchmark_initbatch.c
A benchmark_initrun.c
A benchmark_initworker.c
A benchmark_optswitch.c
A benchmark_result.c
A bind.c
A cachetocache.c
A cascade_cond.c
A cascade_fcntl.c
A cascade_flock.c
A cascade_lockf.c
A cascade_mutex.c
A chdir.c
A close.c
A close_tcp.c
A connection.c
A dup.c
A elided.c
A exec.c
A exec_bin.c
A exit.c
A exp.c
A fcntl.c
A fcntl_ndelay.c
A file_lock.c
A fork.c
A getcontext.c
A getenv.c
A getpeername.c
A getpid.c
A getrusage.c
A getsockname.c
A gettimeofday.c
A isatty.c
A libmicro.c
A libmicro.h
A libmicro_main.c
A listen.c
A localtime_r.c
A log.c
A longjmp.c
A lrand48.c
A lseek.c
A malloc.c
A memcpy.c
A memmove.c
A memrand.c
A memset.c
A mk_tarball
A mktime.c
A mmap.c
A mprotect.c
A msync.c
A multiview
A munmap.c
A mutex.c
A nop.c
A open.c
A pipe.c
A poll.c
A pread.c
A pthread_create.c
A pwrite.c
A read.c
A realpath.c
A recurse.c
A recurse2.c
A select.c
A semop.c
A setcontext.c
A setsockopt.c
A sigaction.c
A siglongjmp.c
A signal.c
A sigprocmask.c
A socket.c
A socketpair.c
A stat.c
A strcasecmp.c
A strchr.c
A strcmp.c
A strcpy.c
A strftime.c
A strlen.c
A strtol.c
A system.c
A tattle.c
A time.c
A times.c
A wrapper
A write.c
A writev.c
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