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Adopt OpenJDK Program

This program is intended to encourage members of the LJC to get involved in the OpenJDK and to evangelise the OpenJDK work to the wider LJC community in order to increase grass roots participation. This is part of the worldwide JUG lead program.

How you can contribute

This section covers the ways in which the LJC is currently contributing to the Adopt OpenJDK program, don't forget to visit the worldwide JUG lead program for more.

Starter Level

Evangelism & Triage

Project Coin and other small enhancements

Intermediate Level

JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs)

Read Alex Blewitt's blog post for some background information

  • TBA

Jigsaw and OSGi

There are two parts to this. Project Jigsaw itself and project Penrose, a splinter project investigating OSGi/Jigsaw interaction

  • Jigsaw - TBA
  • Project Penrose - Lead by Neil Bartlett

Advanced Level


See JSR 335 at and our own Adopt a JSR Program

Build and CI

  • Co-ordinating projects to use early builds of OpenJDK 8 - Lead by TBA
  • Build Farm for OpenJDK builds, especially various branch and OS combinations - Lead by TBA

Misc Projects

  • Co-Routines - TBA
  • Preparation for Tuples - TBA - Lead by Mike Barker

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=== Project Coin and other small enhancements === * [[ Clean Clean up javac warnings]]up javac warnings] - Lead by [!/mikeb2701 Mike Barker] * Replace ''0xff'' with calls to ''Byte.toUnsignedInt'' - TBA * Coinification of the OpenJDK - TBA ... === Lambdas === See JSR 335 at and our own [[Adopt a JSR Program]] === Build and CI ===
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