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Adopt OpenJDK Program

This program is intended to encourage members of the LJC to get involved in the OpenJDK and to evangelise the OpenJDK work to the wider LJC community in order to increase grass roots participation.

NOTE: This is part of the worldwide JUG lead program and you should visit there before exploring the rest of this page.

Events & Planning

  1. Monthly OpenJDK HackDays
    1. Entry gate for beginners
    2. Aimed as a global event (rolling through timezones)
    3. Focused on low-hanging fruit (initially warnings and DukeLove)
    4. Set expectations of participants "you won't be hacking on HotSpot on your first night"
    5. Aim for 8:1 ratio of participants to instructors
    6. Encourage pairing between participants
  2. Washup events
    1. Needed to cleanup any generated patches & ensure decks are clear before next hack night
  3. More Hardcore events
    1. Study groups for more advanced users
    2. Javadoc special interest group


  1. AdoptJavadoc
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