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Last updated April 06, 2011 13:33, by Amanj Sherwany

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Loci matters?

Loci helps the programmer to identify unintended (& intended too) leaks of thread local data during compile time.

How to pronounce Loci?

We pronounce Loci like: /lɒkiː/

Is Loci easy to use?

We are trying our very best to make Loci as simple as possible, that is how it extends Java with only e annotations, namely (@Local, @Shared and @ThreadSafe).

I am using Loci, is my program bug free?

Loci can help you find as much leaks as possible during the compile time, however if you don't apply it properly it can sometimes fail to find proper bugs.

What is the license of Loci?

Please refer to here.

Loci is great, how can it be free?

We believe in sharing, the more programmer use Loci the more solid it can get.

Does Loci change the run time behavior of my program?

Indeed, Loci is an optional type checker, which has zero affect on your program's runtime behavior, all it does is some "additional" compile time check.

Should I have Loci in my CLASSPATH to run my (annotated) programs?

Indeed, you don't need Loci to run your already annotated programs. Loci is only needed during compile time.

How can I help Loci?

The best way to help Loci, is by using it and trying to find(& report) as much bugs as possible, here you can report bugs.

But I want to help out more

OK, if you want to help more, then you can help us by fixing bugs and implementing new features, at first subscribe in developers mailing list also pay a visit to this forum.

Have you annotated the whole JavaSE standard classes correctly?

Short answer, No. But we are working on it, please report a bug if you found a bad annotated class.

How can I get the source code of Loci?

You can get the Loci source code, by either downloading the latest distributed source code here or the latest drafts from the repository. We are using Subversion as our version control, to obtain the source code do the following:

$ svn co main

for more information, refer to this page.

Am I required to use Loci in GPL covered programs only?

No, Loci is not needed during the run time, therefore you are free to use it for you non-GPL programs.

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