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Last updated March 29, 2011 00:13, by Amanj Sherwany

Loci's licenses in detail

Loci, in fact consists of several smaller parts. The parts that copyrighted by Amanj Sherwany, are released under GPLv3.0 and the others are under either MIT license, Apache v2.0 license or GNU FDLv1.3. In detail:

  • GPLv3.0 licensed parts:
    • The Loci plugin itself
    • Loci's examples
    • The test cases
    • JDKAnnotator program
  • MIT licensed parts:
  • Apache licensed parts:
    • Loci's maven2 plugin (it was originally written by Adam Warski for the Checker framework and was forked to meet Loci's needs)
  • GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) licensed parts:
    • Loci's manual (as this license is more natural for manuals).
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