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Revision: 163

changed readme information to indicate that 2.1 (api level 7) is the current minimum requirement. it used to be 1.6. good thing is that 1.6 is no longer relevant:
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awandi 79 over 5 years ago Added awandi directory with Blac...
bsarkar 56 almost 6 years ago Made two small modifications: * ...
chenf 109 almost 5 years ago added LWUIT Answers demo(javaOne...
hini 142 about 4 years ago
sidi_sun_contributor 131 over 4 years ago
telmap 160 about 4 years ago LWUIT C++ port from Telmap
thorsten_s 163 almost 4 years ago changed readme information to in...
vprise 128 over 4 years ago The source code and resources fo...
vprise 111 almost 5 years ago Committed through web interface.
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