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Last updated May 31, 2013 16:19, by Sandeep Sinha

Provides a simple API and UI for mapping source to target object nodes, a commonly used UI pattern in GUI interfaces.

Today, the ability to seamlessly exchange information in B2B and SOA is vital for success. To efficiently leverage existing investments and interconnect business systems, developers need the ability to map between different data types may it be public to private xml or from an xml message to database format.

MapperJ uniquely lets you develop mappings between data formats in an intuitive, visual manner, then auto-generates the stylesheets or program code required to implement your Web services and custom data integration applications server-side. Mapperj has the ability to auto map similar nodes between source and target. MapperJ can not only generate xslt and/or save it in MS XL Spreadsheet, it can also link source and target nodes to Enterprise Metadata.

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