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Last updated December 14, 2011 11:21, by frantzen

Matlan Wiki

Matlan stands for Modelling, Analysing and Testing Language. The goal of this project is to define the syntax and semantics of a language which is suited to model reactive systems. Some of the desired features here are:

  • input, output, and internal actions
  • complex data types
  • timing aspects
  • compositionality
  • concurrency
  • nondeterminism
  • amenable to model checking
  • LTS semantics? LTS + state information semantics?
  • shared/global variables?

The language should semantically map to well-established formal models like labelled / symbolic transition systems (LTS/STS).

This wiki will be used to present the current state of the language. Once we have a first stable version, the Xtext implementation will be made available here, too.

Reference Implementation

We intend to use the Xtext framework here.

How to Participate

To keep up to date please subscribe to the mailing-list. If you intend to actively support the development, join this project on

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