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Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG) uses open source technologies and mainly on Java platform that can run on any operating systems. It requires only small hardware requirement as small as any hand held devices that support JAVA (J2SE). Resource contributors around the world need to register their cluster machines joining with MDG Server. The resource users are able to utilize those identified pool resources after registration. Resource contributors are from individual, organization, education institutional and laboratory lab who would like to share out their machine clusters for public use. Whereas resource users are public individuals, university students, organization personnel, lab researchers and officers who require to perform exhaustive computational jobs.

The capabilities of single organization or individual investing in machines assets and computational powers are limited in growing and always constraint by financial budget. The boundary of single organization or individual that owns machines assets and computational powers can be opened up with the MDG solution. Problem of insufficient resources when addressing global issues have the answer from MDG solution. On top of enjoying unlimited computational resource, MDG solution enables resource user to obtain either homogeneous or heterogeneous cluster resources, different CPU processing speed, and various combination of cluster CPU-memory-network environments. Resource users can perform more unit-testing based on these variety environments to obtain more significant testing results in research. As the result, MDG solution is another researcher daily tool option to use in achieving research project mission and vision, such as global research collaboration modeling in against the pandemic threat of Avian flu and other emerging infectious diseases such as virus SARS and A-H1N1.

MDG solution is an one-stop solution to obtain worldwide cluster resource for computational use. With MDG solution, world wide physicist, biologist, chemist, laboratory assistant and computer scientist are able to complete their exhaustive computational jobs in a shorter period. MDG solution is a solution to aid researchers addressing global issues. Users can be from non-grid or non-cluster awareness group of people but still they are able to utilize cluster resources with our invented solution. We glad to announce that MDG proudly incorporated with at least 15 freely open source middleware. It shows the capability and reality of the rendezvous of web services technologies, grid computing resources exploration and OpenMessagingSystem protocol in today open source technologies.

MDG offers a new research studying platform for computer science postgraduate student, such as adopting others intra-communication protocol, embedding meta-scheduler for more wider clustered resources recruitment and computational execution, and intelligent responsive to computational interruption process. There are couples of research improvement and hybrid-with-in-progress study can be done in MDG model design perspective, such as adopting others intra-communication protocol, embedding meta-scheduler for more wider clustered resources recruitment and computational execution, and intelligent responsive to computational interruption process.

We lead to change tomorrow with MDG solution. Public who would like to experience freely parallel and distributed processing implementation model, MDG solution is the answer. Researchers who are addressing global issue in labs have MDG solution as their daily option tools. Let's MDG facilitate you to help the Bottom Billions with your project.

Lets MDG team change tomorrow together with you!

What are people said about MDG?

Please visit

  1. Mobile Desktop Grid Project: Sharing Global Clustered Computing Resources at Editor's Daily Blog
  2. Harnessing Available Global Clustered Computing Resources at Sun SystemNews Volume 145, Issue 3.
  3. USM represents Malaysia at 'Open Jive Regional Challenge 2009' at Asia Research News

MDG Awards

date Location Event Awards
Thursday, 2 July 2009Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Open Jive 2009 Malaysia Finals
  • The Malaysia Champion
  • The Parasoft's Code Quality Challenge award
  • The Sun Technology award
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 Stamford Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore Open Jive 2009 Singapore Grand Finals
  • The Sun Technology award
2010 Malaysia MSC Malaysia APICTA
  • Finalist

Tested Deployment

Operating System MDG Server
MDG Client
Open Solaris 2009.06 Yes Yes
Fedora 11 Yes Yes
UBuntu 9.04 Yes Yes
Microsoft Windows XP Yes Yes

A handtop screen of NCBI-Blast 3D result using embedded Cylindrical BLAST Viewer

The MDG client default screen

Binary for Deployment

Version MDG Server
MDG Client (Mini edition) Fedora 10, WindowsXP with service pack 2 Fedora 10, WindowsXP with service pack 2

Note: For source code, obtain it from our SVN, thanks :D

MDG Demo Clips (in VLC video clips)

  1. Knowledge sharing platform : Viewing Really Simple Syndication (RSS) news
  2. Real-time notification platform : Viewing MDG Server broadcasting notification messages
  3. Collaborative file sharing platform : Share research finding universally via http and/or https protocol
  4. Resources allocation module : Managing external cluster resources and users authorization
  5. Modules for researcher : Modules to materialize parallel and distributed processing in exhaustive computational research tasks
    1. NCBI-BLAST in a module with Globus Toolkit (GT4) using Fork manager
    2. MPICH module with Globus Toolkit (GT4) using Fork manager SGE manager
  6. For MDG Client Mini Version :
    1. Setup in Fedora WindowsXP
    2. Step-by-step using MPICH module with SGE in Fedora WindowsXP
    3. Step-by-step using Blast module with SGE in Fedora

Presentation & Competition materials

  1. MDG initial version of User & Developer Guide here
  2. MDG Handout (A4 size) for Singapore Grand Finals here
  3. MDG General Poster (A2 size) for Singapore Grand Finals here
  4. MDG Modules Poster (A2 size) for Singapore Grand Finals here
  5. MDG Slide for Singapore Grand Finals on 28 July 2009 here
  6. MDG Slide for Malaysia Finals on 02 July 2009 here
  7. MDG Slide for Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Celebrating Winners on 07 August 2009 here


If you would like to cite Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG), cite the following URL:

Choo Jun Tan, Wai Heng Ang, Siau Mei Chan and Huah Yong Chan, Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG), 2009, software available at

The bibtex format is as follows

@Manual{mdg, author = {Choo Jun Tan and Wai Heng Ang and Siau Mei Chan and Huah Yong Chan}, title = {Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG)}, year = {2009}, note = {Software available at \url{}} }

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: MDG using any open source technologies?

Answer: Yes, the open source components and dependency middlewares for MDG development are

  1. Apache Axis 2 Client.
  2. Apache Derby.
  3. Bio Roll & Grid Roll & GridFTP & MPICH from ROCKS 4.2.1.<;/a> , ,
  4. CoGKit.
  5. Cylindrical BLAST Viewer.
  6. DAV Explorer
  7. JFreeChart.
  8. MonALISA web service.
  9. NCBI Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST).
  10. RSSLib4J.
  11. Sun Grid Engine (SGE) 6.0u8.
  12. Sun J2SE 6 and SAXPArser.
  13. Sun Java3D.
  14. Sun Open Message Queue (OpenMQ) &
  15. Sun OpenSolaris.

Question: What is the requirements to join our ROCKS cluster server with MDG solution?

Answer: We setup our ROCKS cluster servers with following middleware before servers are able to join into MDG Server

  1. Enable WSGRAM (GT4.x) with SGE (6.0u8). Detail setup refer to
  2. MonALISA web service 1.8.x, and enable its web service for remote accessible
  3. Pragma user/host certificates and exchange with correct CA files. Detail setup refer to "USM (Malaysia) Cluster Users Guide" and "Preparation Guide for New Site" at URL
  4. Bio Roll from ROCKS 4.2.1 (for running given NCBI BLAST module only)

Question: What is job?

Answer: We define user submit work to the MDG solution as job.

Question: What is BLAST

Answer: Please refer to URL


MDG initiated at Grid Computing Lab, School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

We was hosted in (, and special thanks to +

Another project from Grid Computing Lab, see Virtual Distributed Database Management System (VDDMS)

Another project from , see USM Extract

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