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Last updated October 03, 2012 19:29, by Olivier LeDiouris

MDS Explorer

This project illustrates the way to access an Oracle MDS reporistory.
It looks a bit like what you can see in JDeveloper, but JDeveloper only allows you to view the documents, unlike here, where you can do pretty much anything (including screwing up everything).
It shows how to create directories and documents, delete them, update them, upload, download, edit, etc.

All you need to build and run it for yourself is described in the Build and Run page.
The History page tells you about the latest modifications and features.

All the skill is concentrated into the class named
The rest of the project illustrates the way to use this.
To use the Swing interface, run:

 java -client -Drepository.flavor=DB -classpath %CP% oracle.ateam.mds.gui.MDSExplorer


 java -client -Drepository.flavor=FILE -classpath %CP% oracle.ateam.mds.gui.MDSExplorer

Some memory will be required when downloading some documents, you will probably need to increase your Java heap size, you can run using the following settings:

 -XX:NewSize=512m -XX:MaxNewSize=512m -Xmn768m -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m 

You will be prompted for the appropriate data to provide, based on the repository flavor you choosed, DB or FILE. The classpath is set in the file named add2CP, or mds.explorer.bat.

When you double-click on a resource in the tree of the left pane, and if it is a file and not a folder, its content will be displayed in the edit pane on the right. It can be edited, right-click on the editor pane to popup the menu you'll be able to save your editing from.

This is just an example of what can be done using the backend APIs, but be careful, it's good enough to screw up the whole repository...

Ye be warned.

- Next to come

  • The possibility to generate a file based repository after a DB based one
  • and vice-versa

 java -client -classpath %CP% oracle.ateam.mds.cloner.RepositoryCloner

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