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Last updated December 03, 2011 07:58, by tbee

On december 3rd 2011 MigPane was migrated to become a formal module of MigLayout (starting with 4.2-SNAPSHOT). Any future improvements will be made in that project , the released jars can be downloaded from Maven central or snapshots from Sonatype.

MigLayoutFX2 Wiki

MigPane is a wrapper for MigLayout, one of the most powerful layout managers for Swing. This wrapper allows you to use the power of MigLayout to layout nodes in JavaFX.

MigPane is a 100% JavaFX container (a.o. allowing for CSS styling) and adds methods for adding nodes with MigLayout constraints: add(Node, CC).

An example of how MigPane is used can be found in the test directory in the sourcetree or here.

To run you will required both the miglayout-javafx.jar and the miglayout-core.jar. Normally this would simply be done by adding a dependency to a build configuration:


However, JavaFX does not support Maven. The MigLayout JavaFX folder contains a maven.txt file which explains what to work around this problem. It is expected as JavaFX is open sourced, Maven support will become better.

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