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Continuous builds use a Hudson installation behind the Sun firewall.

The Hudson builds happen on, and can be accessed at:

The hudson jobs are found under:


Build homes are found in places like:


You can get more information about where, for each build, by looking in
the Configure section of each job, under the ant properties.  For instance,

And look under Build - Invoke Ant - Ant Targets, which has

clean main test.with.container.refresh -Dhttp.proxy.port=8080 -Dcontainer.home=/files/jsf/jsf-head/dependencies/glassfish -Dcontainer.port=8080 -Dglassfish.admin.user=admin -Dglassfish.password.file=/home/rlubke/.passwordFile -Dglassfish.admin.port=4848 -Dglassfish.domain=domain1 -Dcompile.deprecation=off -Dcompile.debug=on -Dbuild.standalone=false -Dhalt.on.failure=no -Ddependency.base.dir=/files/jsf/jsf-head/dependencies/

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