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After the push to maven, check

to be sure that the push was successful.  It can take a while (30 minutes or so).

You may wish delete the ~/.m2/repository/com/sun/faces directory to ensure a clean build.

in the v3 source base:

edit pom.xml

change the two lines that look like this:


to reflect the correct version numbers

edit packager/

change the line that looks like this:


to have the latest version number

Build v3, run the tests.  Sanity check admin-gui.  Since both of these tests were done
before promotion, they should pass, but better safe than sorry.

Putback changes to v3.

Notify QE.

Update source build:


Change the lines that contain mojarra, for example:


test with:

ant -Dexternal.dir=/tmp -Dmaven.repo.local=/tmp/maven -f mojarra.xml

ensure that the correct files are pushed to the maven repo.

commit changes
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