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To build this updatecenter2 code, you first need to download the 
updatecenter2 tool from :

Install it in some well defined path

Add the location to your file in the pkg.dir value.

add the pkg/pkg/bin directory to your $PATH - you'll need the 
pkg and pkg.depotd files for testing

Next, in the Mojarra codebase edit the udpatecenter2/bin/makepkgs, and 
add UCHOME to point to the location of the updatecenter2 codebase.

Now, build the repository files:
(only works on linux, you'll need to either do it manually on windows or 
update the build.xml file - if you do, check in the changes! Also, note 
that you need python installed.) 

cd {mojarra-sources-home}
ant updatecenter2   # copies latest jsf jars to updatecenter2/lib
# or, you could just do this manually
cd updatecenter2
ant main  # creates the dist directory
mkdir repo  # create repo dir
pkg.depotd -d `pwd`/repo -p 10000 &  # start repo
ant updatecenter2.repo  # installs into repository

This will create a repository with the latest SNAPSHOT files.

To test:

pkg.depotd -d `pwd`/repo -p 10000 & 

Now you have you own repository server running on port 10000.  To add this repository to your Glassfish image, you can either using the updatetool GUI (click on File|Image Properties, then click Add) or use the pkg CLI:

bin/pkg set-authority -O http://yourhost:10000/ testrepo
bin/pkg refresh

The refresh command is need to get the catalog from your testrepo downloaded.

Then, to install your package, either use updatetool (you should see your package listed in the Available Add-ons panel after clicking the Refresh button), or the pkg CLI:

bin/pkg install yourpkg

where "yourpkg" is the name of your package. 

To test the current contents of the Glassfish repo, you need to do this:

mkdir testrepo
pkg image-create -a testrepo= testrepo
cd testrepo
pkg list -a   # lists all packages in the glassfish repo
pkg install glassfish-jsf # installs contents of glassfish-jsf package
ls -R # examine installed files from glassfish-jsf package

To push this to the public repo, contact Omar.

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