[mq-users] Announcing the release of GlassFish Open MQ 5.0

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  • Subject: [mq-users] Announcing the release of GlassFish Open MQ 5.0
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 11:43:50 -0700
  • Organization: Oracle Corporation

Hi there, Open MQ Users,
We are pleased to announce the general release of GlassFish Open MQ 5.0. This release is the first JMS 2.0 compliant messaging system. JMS 2.0 is the first revision to this key integration specification in 10 years and brings exciting simplification and scalability to the JMS specification.

This release includes new features described in the JMS 2.0 Specification, including:
  • Simplified JMS 2.0 API
    • Introduces a new JMSContext object which simplifies the programming necessary for common messaging tasks
    • Provides for injection via JMSContext when deployed into a Java EE 7 compliant application server such as Oracle GlassFish Server
  • New methods to operate on message bodies
    • Ability to extract and receive bodies directly
  • Easier methods to create and use JMS Sessions
  • For Java EE users
    • Default connection factory resources so you can use JMS with much less setup overhead
    • Alignment with Java EE injection, you can now define many messaging properties via injection or adding these to your deployment descriptors as standard XML elements
  • For Java SE users
    • Scalable topic consumers which allows for more than one consumer on a topic
  • Delivery Delay -- Publish a message and specify a future time, or delay, for your message to be delivered
  • Unblocking message send -- Provides for improved scaling
  • Improved bad message handling -- which provides a standard way to reject malformed messages
In addition to the new JMS 2.0 features, Oracle Open Message Queue 5.0 also includes:
  • Port unification -- you can use the same port for multiple messaging protocols
  • SSL support for the GlassFish MQ Portmapper, service discovery feature.
  • Improvements in HA JDBC operations including better retry support for MySQL and Oracle RAC databases
  • Logging alignment with Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Server
To give Open Message Queue a try, browse to:

More details about MQ 5.0, including updated product documentation; additional resources such as links to Nigel Deakin's, two part article: What's new in JMS 2.0, are available at the MQ 5.0 the project page:

Java EE users can take full advantage of these as well as other improvements offered in Java EE 7, by downloading Oracle GlassFish Server 4.0, which includes GlassFish Message Queue 5.0. You'll find all this, and more at

Don't forget to join the live Chat session with Nigel Deakin, today (June 12) at 12:30 - 1:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time -- or again, tomorrow at 12:30 - 1:30 AM PDT. Register for the launch at this link. You can watch Nigel's technical overview as well as learn about other new and exciting technologies and improvements available in Java EE 7. All the technical overviews are available now, on-demand.

We'd love to hear your results and, of course, we can answer your questions.

Happy messaging,
Ed Bratt, for the The GlassFish MQ Development Team

P.S. if you missed Nigel's session today, you can join him again, Wednesday June 19 at 12:30 PM PDT, or Tuesday June 25 at 12:30 PM BST during his session as part of the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day -- Java. Click here for complete schedule and conference details.

[mq-users] Announcing the release of GlassFish Open MQ 5.0

Ed Bratt 06/12/2013
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