[mq-users] JavaOne Slides -- JMS and WebSocket

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  • Subject: [mq-users] JavaOne Slides -- JMS and WebSocket
  • Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2013 16:08:45 -0700
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Hi There,
Just wanted to send a brief note thanking everyone from our community for supporting GlassFish MQ at JavaOne. We had a great conference and got a lot of good feedback. For those of you who attended, we hope you had a similar experience.

We've posted the slides from our JavaOne session: JMS and WebSocket for Lightweight and Efficient Messaging in the MQ 5.0.1 section of Open MQ. You can get them directly from this link <https://mq.java.net/5.0.1/CON7777_Bratt-Kang.pdf>.

You will find the examples we used in the session -- along with instructions for using WebSocket for messaging as described in the presentation linked to the MQ 5.0.1 <https://mq.java.net/5.0.1/index.html> details page, here <https://mq.java.net/5.0.1/ws.html>.

I'm told there will be session replay's available at some point. I hope to update the group, when we know what those details are.

Feel free to write if you have any feedback.
-- Ed Bratt & Amy Kang

[mq-users] JavaOne Slides -- JMS and WebSocket

Ed Bratt 10/02/2013
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