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Last updated February 21, 2014 17:30, by Doug McNeil

NetBeans XSLT Debugger

Welcome to the NetBeans XSLT Debugger WIKI. This page will provide information on releases, etc. It will also provide documentation,

The latest release is 1.6.0 and it supports NetBeans 7.2 and 7.3. It has been tested with Oracle's 1.7.0 JVM on Windows and Linux.

This version has conditional breakpoints featuring loop counting. There are improvements to the UI with better (different) line tracing on the XML source, support for XML comments and a few other things. The UI for parameters in local debugging has been expanded into a table letting more parameters be saved. Some bugs have been fixed; under Linux you can now save more that one file entry; variables (and selection) of attributes works.

Note: property serialization has changed and may result in problems when updating to this version. If you get an "IllegalArgumentException" when trying to open the XSLTDebugger you must remove the OptionTopComponent.settings file from the NetBeans installation config directory tree.

Note: If you use Remote Debugging, you need to update the version of RemoteXSLTDebugger.jar you Tomcat (or other app server) points to with the new version (1.4.3). If you use the automation setup support for Tomcat you can try to disable support and re-enable support that may work but problems have been reported.

You can still download the latest revision from NetBeans plugin site.

There is documentation on the website.

Screen Casts

A series of screen cast are available on

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