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summary: M src/main/java/net/java/dev/norefs/
revision: 22
author: tjb
date: 2008-10-24 18:42:16 UTC (7 years)
message: M src/main/java/net/java/dev/norefs/

- Clarify in the documentation for the class, and for the classPattern
method, that the nested wildcard pattern ('**') is only permitted
either alone or at the end after a package separator (as '.**').
Modify the classPattern method to make this additional check.
- Rename the packagePattern method to packageIncludePattern and add the
new packageExcludePattern method. The exclusions are different than
the inclusions for packages.

M src/test/java/net/java/dev/norefs/test/

- Add more patterns to testFindEmbeddedWildcards.
- Add the assertFind method and use it to add more tests to

A src/test/java/net/java/dev/norefs/test/p1/
A src/test/java/net/java/dev/norefs/test/p1/p2
A src/test/java/net/java/dev/norefs/test/p1/p2/

* Add some more classes for FindClasses matching.
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A branches/tjb/src/test/java/net/java/dev/norefs/test/p1/p2/
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