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Energy Star requirements for tuner

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Replies: 1 - Last Post: June 22, 2012 16:51
by: joncourtney
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Posted: June 18, 2012 14:45 by shobanapeter
If the tuner has to be powered off when the STB actually moves to the power saving mode in the standby state, the tuner has to be untuned. When the application actually releases the tuner via nic.release(), the tuner has to be untuned. I'm proposing mpeos_mediaUntune(tunerid) to enable the tuner to move to its power saving mode.Kindly provide your feedback.
Posted: June 22, 2012 16:51 by joncourtney
Hi Shobana,

Just to be clear: there is no requirement for tuners to be powered off in standby mode. Also, as far as I know, NIC.release() simply releases a reservation on a tuner, but does not require that the tuner be untuned.

However, we agree that there would be value in a MPEOS API such as you propose, by which OCAP could notify the MPEOS layer that a given tuner is no longer needed and so could be powered down in a power-savings mode. We are presently investigating energy management strategies for OCAP and will keep mpeos_mediaUntune(tunerid) in mind.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Replies: 1 - Last Post: June 22, 2012 16:51
by: joncourtney
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