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Replies: 3 - Last Post: September 08, 2011 18:36
by: xama
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Posted: June 18, 2011 02:09 by xama
Hello, I've just checked out the project sources and trying to make it work here.

I've also read the documentation and the projects seems very interesting and I find its concepts can be really useful for a project of my own that I'm currently developing, focusing on business intelligence and integration via semantics.

Thanks in advance for giving this really good material available to the community. I wonder where I could fit the pieces I'm working on with this project and a prototype of use case integration based on I'm trying to build up right now.

I basically try to develop an ontology and a "semiotic" closure over the statements on it. And then, a set of rules for recognizing structures and behaviors in those statements.

I'm actually starting to build up some GUI, I'll be watching if some release of OpenICOM is there when I try to wire it up all together.

Sebastián Samaruga
Posted: June 21, 2011 18:52 by Eric Chan
Hello Sebastian,

HL7 is an interesting domain to integrate with. The OpenICOM project does not have a release plan yet. We can define a plan if there are interests among project members and observers. In the interim, I have been providing the runtime library, sample connector for Beehive, and sample groovy scripts for download from The sample connector and scripts can be used with Oracle Beehive collaboration server release

Are you planning to implement connectors for HL7 compliant servers? Which GUI technologies will you be building on?

Eric S. Chan
Posted: July 23, 2011 22:09 by xama
Hello Eric,

Yes, I've found HL7 as a very interesting domain mainly because my interest in the development of health-care domain oriented business solutions and also because in it's current version (RIM v3) seems like a quite applicable domain for the kind of development I'm trying to begin.

The idea is to be a consumer and a server in HL7, over a yet to be developed *semantic* backend, using technologies such as RDF, OWL, etc. This is where the efforts are currently focused and OpenICOM seems like a very nice fit in our perspective of integration of domains and applications. It surely could bridge the gap in most of our integration issues given we have or build the needed connectors.

Regarding user interface, the aim is to be implementation agnostic, via the release of an interface in which "renderers" could plug, the same way others services could do. I would be pleased to know any further advances in OpenICOM and as an observer you have my interest and support. At first it seemed like my project will be a consumer of the OpenICOM services, now I'm realising that it could be a producer too, given the actual connector, if that is possible. I'm going to investigate the sources in the repo to see where I can fit.

Posted: September 08, 2011 18:36 by xama

In the current stage of an ongoing development, I found myself with the need of some kind of 'providers' of what I call 'Resources' which can be of many different kinds but all maps to a uniform interface. The project model then defines 'Mappings' which apply specification pattern mechanisms to determine which resources are in which role in which mappings. Brief documentation of what this should look like is at our blog:

Then, for example, I could consume HL7v3 RIM objects and treat them uniformly in whatever I'll need to do with them. But, later, I'll maybe needing to expose my engine in such a way other systems / services could consume, and I think I should have also a provider connector to expose myself over ICOM.

I'll be reading the documentation and try to build the sources this days so I can figure out better how can I use the framework for building up my mappings on top of resources (that allows me to meta model my behavior and data in MVC) and how can it be profitable to expose myself through JPA/ICOM.

Replies: 3 - Last Post: September 08, 2011 18:36
by: xama
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