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Open Integrated Collaboration Platform Wiki

Open-ICOM is a Java Persistence API for a broad range of collaboration object model. It also provides an extensible framework for integrating collaboration services. It supports the Integrated Collaboration Object Model (ICOM) defined by the OASIS ICOM TC. Open-ICOM JPA framework lowers the barrier for independent software vendors and open source communities to create collaboration tools that offer seamless user experience for transitioning across diverse collaboration activities with minimal context switching.

Figure 1 Entity and Top-Level Subclasses.

Three Branches of Entity Class Hierarchy

Figure 2 Scope Branch.

Figure 3 Subject Branch.

Figure 4 Artifact Branch.


Figure 5 Entity.

Figure 6. Access Control List.

Figure 7. Property.


Figure 8 Scope.

Figure 9 Community.

Figure 10 Space.


Figure 11 Subject.

Figure 12 Role.

Figure 13 Group and Actor.

Figure 14 User.

Figure 15 Resource Actor.


Figure 16 Artifact.

Figure 17 Heterogeneous Folder.


Figure 18 Marker Branch.

Figure 19 Marker.

Figure 20 Category.

Figure 21 Tag.

Figure 22 Relationship.

Figure 23 Metadata Association.


Figure 24 Content.


Figure 25 Document.

Figure 26. Wiki Page.

Unified Message

Figure 27 Unified Message.

Figure 28 Instant Message.


Figure 29 Presence.


Figure 30 Forum.


Figure 31 Calendar.

Figure 32 Occurrence Series.

Figure 33 Occurrence.

Figure 34 Free Busy.

Task List

Figure 35 Task List.

Figure 36 Task.

Address Book

Figure 37 Address Book.

Figure 38 Contact.


Figure 39 Conference.

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