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Finished migration to JPAUnit. Refactors SalesOrderStatus to be an Enum. made Quote a new SalesOrderStatus and removed quote flag. Added QuoteStatus enum type to quote, refactored InvoiceStatus to be consistent with Enum naming conventions and make it consistent with other enum types. Started adding status work-flow validation to changes in status. Refactored the change in the posted flag on SalesDocument types to avoid inconsistencies with the manual updating related fields by marking the method as protected and adding logical in status changes to set the flag.
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httpd 1 over 7 years ago Initial data for the openbill pr...
mclarke4 214 over 2 years ago Version 1.5
mclarke4 171 over 4 years ago tagging version 1.3 beta1
mclarke4 274 3 months ago Finished migration to JPAUnit. R...
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