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Last updated December 09, 2013 15:40, by Heidi Buelow
Sample Description Last Updated Release(s)
Case Management Case Management May 2013
AMX Human Workflow AMX Dec 2013
BPM 11g JMS Integration Start BPM Process from JMS messages November 6, 2011
BPM 11g APIs Using BPM APIs to create and query instances November 9, 2011
BPM 11g People Assignment People Assignment based on Organization Unt, Parametric Role, Sticky User and Participant Exclusion List November 7, 2011 FP
BPM 11g Update task & Message based Correlation Update task and Message based Correlation for Event Subprocess with Message Start Event November 7, 2011 FP
BPM 11g BPMN ExceptionHandling BPMN Exception Handling - How to handle system & business exceptions, subprocess exceptions and errors at the process level using Event Subprocess November 7, 2011 FP
BPM 11g Multi-instance subprocess samples BPM Multi-instance subprocess - How to create For-loop, For-each loop to handle Arrays using multi-instance. | November 7, 2011 FP
BPM 11g Complex Gateway BPM Complex Gateway - How to use Complex Merge Gateway for aborting active incoming paths from a Parallel Split Gateway November 7, 2011
BPM 11g Multi-instance Subprocess & Scoped Conversations BPM Multi-Instance Subprocess & Scoped Conversations - How to use scoped conversations to invoke async services inside a multi-instance subprocess November 7, 2011 FP
Process Specific BI views Manually as well as Automatically Create Process Specific BI views in BPM Process Star schema Manually ( prior to and Automatically ( FP only) November 7, 2011,, ,
Customizing Oracle BPM 11g Workspace Instruction on how to create Customization(Branding, logo, title, Inbox customization) for BPM workspace application and Skin/CSS for ADF and Web Forms May 15, 2013, and
BPM 11g Save Comments Sample showing how to save comments to an XML file at the end of the process January 26, 2012
BPM 11g EDN Integration Sample showing how SOA Event Delivery Network (EDN) can be integrated into BPM processes June 10, 2012
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