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Last updated January 12, 2012 23:08, by Heidi Buelow
Viewlet Description Last Updated Release(s)
Alter Flow and Instance PatchingDemonstrates the Alter Flow and Instance Patching features. Alter Flow allows an appropriately privileged user to move the process token manually from one activity to another. Instance Patching allows deploying an updated process definition and patching in flight instances to the new definition October 21, 2011 FP
Step by Step instruction on creating process specific views at Process Deployment Create Process Specific BI views in BPM Process Star schema . For viewlets in this area, please refer to the Viewlets page. November 7, 2011 FP
Create OBIEE dashboard with BPM Process Views Step by Step instruction on how to create OBIEE dashboard using Process Specific views in BPM Process Star schema November 7, 2011
Create Human task using ADF-BC Step by step instructions for building the human task ADF page with ADF-BC Jan 12, 2012
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