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    File      ODI 12c Mapping SDK Samples

    ODI 12c Mapping SDK Examples including basic example, filter, join, lookup, set, aggregate, distinct, dataset, correlated subquery (exists and greater than examples), unpivot, pivot
    Tags: odi 12c mapping sdk examples including basic filter join lookup set aggregate distinct dataset correlated subquery unpivot pivot
    about 1 year ago 1.5 MB 970
    File      ODI Test Mapping Builder SDK Example _12c_mapping_builder
    Tags: sdk
    7 months ago 27.6 KB 45
    File      SDDM - ODI Create Model

    Create an ODI Model from a SQLDeveloper Data Modeler design. Initial version to illustrate linkage - creates model, datastores, columns and PK/UK/FKs.
    Tags: sddm model odi sdk
    7 months ago 24.3 KB 204
    File      Sequence Creation Sample Code

    Sequence Creation Sample Code using the ODI SDK. See document 1905253.1 on My Oracle Support for more information.
    Tags: sdk sequence 12c odi
    7 months ago 1.7 KB 55
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