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    Directory      12c

    This folder must be used for 12c content
    Tags: --
    9 months ago
    File      Generates a random date

    Generates a random date between 2 dates (min and max dates)
    Tags: --
    over 1 year ago 1.1 KB 42
    File      Generates a random decimal

    Generates a random decimal between min and max values
    Tags: --
    over 1 year ago 1001 Bytes 26
    File      Generates a random number

    Generates a random number between min and max values
    Tags: --
    over 1 year ago 1008 Bytes 25
    File      Generates a random string

    Generates a random string between MinLen and MaxLen, with option to have upper, lower, or any printable characters
    Tags: --
    over 1 year ago 1.2 KB 23
    File      ODI 11g Sample User Functions

    ODI developers seeking sql function portability will use the user defined functions (UDF) in their sql expressions.
    Tags: odi udf user function
    over 3 years ago 5.9 KB 316
    File      ODI JSON to XML User Function

    User functions to generate XML from JSON or zipped JSON.
    Tags: json xml social data facebook twitter linkedin zip
    about 2 years ago 14.1 KB 247
    File      Random Boolean

    Generates randomly a 0 or a 1 (Oracle only)
    Tags: --
    over 1 year ago 970 Bytes 22
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