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Last updated March 17, 2014 22:06, by julien.testut

SDK Samples

To download, right-click on Sample link and select Save Link As... Unzip the files after download before importing the objects in ODI.

Name Description
ODI 12c SDK Samples This zip file contains a Groovy script with examples on how to create various Mappings using the ODI 12c SDK. Images for each of the maps designed using the SDK are also included, so you can quickly cross reference. See for more details.
ODI 11g SDK Samples This sample code package includes example code for performing the following using the Oracle Data Integrator API:
- Connection and Authentication
- Start and Restart Scenario
- Get Session Status
- Create Folders
- Interface Consultation, Creation and Edition
- Session Monitoring
- KM import and find
- Create Master and Work Repositories
- Upgrade Master and Work Repositories
- Create Agent and Context
XML Model Expert Accelerator This expert greatly simplifies getting up and running with XML in ODI. It asks a few questions such as what the file name is etc
then allows additional configuration if you want. You can skip advanced and external database storage and you will have
a model with the topology objects built, you can get right into reverse engineering the datastores.
See for more information
Model Expert Accelerator This expert greatly simplifies setting up Models and Datastores in ODI.
See for more information
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