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Last updated June 08, 2015 15:08, by julien.testut
==Oracle Data Integrator Samples This page lists ODI samples. To get started simply click on the ODI object you are interested in: *[[ODIKMs|Knowledge Modules]] *[[ODIOpenTools|Open Tools]] *[[ODIProcedures|Procedures]] *[[ODISDKSamples|SDK Samples]] *[[ODIComponents|Components]] *[[ODIUserFunctions|User Functions]] '''Want to share your own samples with the world?''' Great! You can upload your files to the Downloads section and we will add them to the appropriate Wiki pages. '''The content on this website is not certified or supported by Oracle unless explicitly identified to be; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.''' '''Want to discuss these samples?''' Please use the the [ ODI Forum] on OTN. [ Visit the Oracle Data Integrator Page on OTN for product information.]
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