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Last updated September 14, 2011 18:15, by Jeff Davies


The BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) component of Oracle SOA Suite is a vital piece of statefull process management.

Sample Description
bpel-101-HelloWorldAn introductory sample on how to create a BPEL process
bpel-102-AssignActivitiesShows how to use the Assign activity in a BPEL process.
bpel-104-ArraysShows how to handle arrays in BPEL
bpel-105-HeadersShows how to read header information in a BPEL process
bpel-106-CallingWebServicesAn example of how you can invoke external web services from within a BPEL process.
bpel-108-UsingXQueryShows how to use XQuery from within a BPEL process.
bpel-109-SchematronShows how to use Schematro from within a BPEL process to perform advanced validation of XML documents
bpel-110-WorkingWithRESTShows how to call RESTful services from within a BPEL process.
bpel-111-AssignThis sample demonstrates how to use the Assign mini-mapper and the XPath Expression Builder to model assign activities within BPEL Processes.
bpel-305-InboundCorrelationShows how to perform message correlation within BPEL
bpel-310-PartialMessageEncryptionShows how to partially encrypt a message in BPEL

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