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Last updated January 16, 2013 17:13, by Jeff Davies

Official Oracle SOA Suite 11g Samples

New: Installation Videos

Installation videos for SOA Suite and BPM Suite are available at the bottom of this page

Looking for Oracle SOA Suite samples?

You will find here the official product samples referenced in the Oracle SOA Suite documentation. To get started just click on the left on the component you are interested in. No membership is required to browse and download the samples. For more samples make sure to also check out the SOA community project. If you want the Oracle Service Bus 10g samples, you can find them on the Oracle Service Bus 10g samples page.

Want to share your own samples with the world?

Great! You can create your own projects as a member of Java.Net.

Want to discuss these samples?

Please use the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) forums for any discussion regarding the samples: Oracle Technology Network forum page The forum link for each component is provided on the corresponding tab.

Visit the SOA Products Page on OTN for product information on any of the SOA components. Oracle Technology Network product page

Component Description
AdaptersJCA Adapters
B2BBusiness to Business
BAMBusiness Activity Monitoring
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language
BPMBusiness Process Management
Business RulesBusiness Rules based on the JESS engine
CEPComplex Event Processing
FPFoundation Pack
HWHuman Workflow
MediatorSCA Mediation
OSBOracle Service Bus
SchedulerOracle Enterprise Scheduler
SpringUsing the Java Spring framework
Binary Content and Large PayloadsHandling binary data and exchange of large documents
TransformationTransformation samples

Cross-Product Solutions

Most enterprise level solutions require multiple tools for an optimum result. These samples show how to use multiple products together

Sample Description
osbsoa-201-AttachmentHandling.zipShows how to use Oracle Service Bus and SOA Suite to handle messages with MTOM / MIME attachments

Vertical Solution Samples

In addition to the main Oracle SOA Suite sample code, we also have samples from more specialized verticals that show how you can use SOA Suite to solve a variety of challenges.

Vertical Description
Health CareSample SCA applications focused on challenges in the Health Care field

Introductory Video

Name Description
Overview of SOA Suite 11gA great introduction to SOA Suite 11g and its components.

Installation Videos

Follow these videos in the order they are listed for a complete installation of Oracle SOA Suite, including the Oracle Service Bus. This set of videos will also cover the installation of Oracle BPM Suite.

Video Description
Installation OverviewShows how to install ALL components of SOA Suite and BPM Suites 11g, including the Oracle Service Bus. This is the foundation installation approach for all of the samples included on this site.
WebLogic Server InstallA short video that shows how to installl the WebLogic Server for use with SOA Suite 11g
Oracle Service Bus InstallA short video that shows how to install the Oracle Service Bus component in the larger SOA Suite 11g context.
Oracle XE InstallA brief video that shows how to install and configure Oracle XE for use with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite.
RCU InstallA brief video that shows how to install the RCU
SOA Suite InstallA brief video that show how to install SOA Suite 11g
JDeveloper InstallThis video shows how to install JDeveloper for both the Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Oracle BPM Suite 11g product suites.
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